Welcome to my exhibition at Chateau Trnová!

verze v českém jazyce

Welcome to my exhibition, which underlines the charm of Chateau Trnová.
Whether you are here as hotel guests, curious tourists, stopping for a good dinner, coffee, or even coming mainly for my exhibition – thank you for your interest!
Let the staff guide you and show positions of all the paintings that are now presentated here. Enjoy the atmosphere, take your time.

There are works created using the technique of encaustics and pencil.

I will be happy if you leave an impression in my Guest Book. The staff will inform you about its location as well. If you prefer electronic communication, let me know by e-mail.

Paintings can be purchased.
Investment in encaustics is very good bargain. For information on the availability of individual works as well as on ongoing exhibitions and upcoming auctions of works, please contact me

motyli duše - enkaustika, výtvarné dílo mARTina

What does the encaustic technique means?

Encaustic – Or simply a painting with hot wax.

„In the beginning, it was wax.“ It sounds simple, wax is known to almost everyone today. At least from school art subject. But for this purposal there are not used just ordinary wax crayons , ordinary papers and paintings are not created by simple brushstrokes.

This technique is quite exceptional, technically unique, enabling deep expression. It requires patience, blending with the soul, but that is the reason why it is very close to me and has had my biggest attention in recent years.

Encaustics was known around 100 AD. Beeswax was dyed with basic colors from natural sources and is therefore one of the most original painting techniques. For thousands of years, it has been neglected and used only rarely.
There are a few authors in history who paid attention to this technique. It was rediscovered worldwide in the first half of the 20th century. But the cost of using it was high and the work with heating the wax was also complicated. Preparing for the process itself was an art. Only few people wanted to go through it. And until 1990, was encaustic technique completely unknown to our area.And now you can „experience“ the miracle of encaustic art with your own eyes right here ony my exhibition. My enthusiasm for it was born more than 10 years ago. It has not disappeared till now and I hope that the sophistication that this technique offers will excite you as much as it did me then.

Enjoy great time!


Hotel & Restaurant Chateau Trnová
Trnová 1, 252 10 Trnová

Exhibited paintings

Entrance Hall
Vlci – kresba
Sýkorky – enkaustika

Probuzení – enkaustika
Motýlí větrník – kresba
Ledňáčci – enkaustika
Vážky – enkaustika

Banquet hall
Králíček – enkaustika
Sovička – enkaustika
Sova na lovu – kresba
Šedá holubička – enkaustika
Sova – kresba
Hnízdo – kresba
Liška – kresba
Včelka – enkaustika

Psí dvojčata – kresba
Motýlí duše – enkaustika
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